Fotona 4D Laser Facelift
The Fotona 4D Laser Facelift is an exciting new nonsurgical facelift procedure for men and women of any skin type. The 4D Laser Lift combines 4 synergistic modalities and two complementary laser wavelengths, to provide safe lifting and tightening of facial skin, to reduce sagging, jowls, wrinkles, lines and folds, and improve visible signs of aging. In the lower and mid-face, a full thickness treatment stimulates maximum regeneration of natural elastin and collagen, lost due to the aging process. In addition, the procedure provides effective freshening and rejuvenation of the entire skin surface. Utilizing our uniquely versatile Fotona Dynamis Pro laser, The Laser Clinic- Amman is the first provider for this new procedure in the middle east.
The first step of the 4D Facelift is a unique procedure called Smoothliftin®. The entire inner surface of the cheeks and lips are treated with non-ablative infrared light, with the Er:YAG laser, for tightening, volumizing and restoring collagen starting from the inside out. This reduces depth of the nasolabial and melomental folds (The lines from nose to lips, and lips to chin), and helps restore lip volume.
The second step uses the Nd:YAG laser in Fotona’s Frac3® modality. This helps to lift, restore tone and tightness from the outside, in the cheek and jowl areas.
The third step uses the Nd:YAG laser in Fotona’s PIANO® mode. Controlled deep tissue heating is maintained for a period of time. This promotes tightening and restoration of collagen and elasticity in the dermis and deeper tissues.
Finally, the skin surface is lightly treated with the Er:YAG laser in SupErb® mode, to provide a smooth, fresh surface and smooth out skin surface irregularities.

No surgery. No pain. No downtime. No bruising.
The Fotona 4D Laser Lift involves no cutting, burning or removal of tissue, and no injections or suturing. There is no bleeding, bruising, or scarring. After the procedure, the skin may be mildly pink for a day or two. Makeup may usually be applied immediately after the procedure, if desired. There is a sensation of heat, but the procedure is not painful. Most patients say it feels like lying in full sun on a beach. Sedation or anesthesia are unnecessary. After the procedure, the patient may safely drive home or return to work.

Immediate and lasting results.
The Fotona 4D Laser Lift is a series of 3 treatments, provided at least 3-4 weeks apart. Most people notice some immediate improvement after the first procedure. Friends may comment about your younger or more rested appearance, without recognising that a procedure has been done.
Improvement builds with additional treatments. After the series is completed, additional improvement continues for about 6 – 9 months, due to regeneration of normal elastin and collagen. At that point, you will resume aging just as you would have years ago.
As with any other facelift procedure, the duration of the Fotona 4D is not forever. It is expected that improvement will remain for about 2 -3 years.
Duration of effects will be enhanced by healthy lifestyle, sun protection, and use of an effective skin care regimen. Eventually, a single “touch-up” procedure will usually restore effectiveness.