Dark eye circles

Dark eye circles can leave you looking 10 years older, it can be caused by a host of different things
from heredity to allergies to poor sleep. Treatments include eye cream, Carboxy therapy, laser skin
resurfacing and injectable mesotherapy and fillers, but before you choose one it's important to
determine the cause.


The session is quickly done by injecting a highly concentrated CO2 gas in the wanted area, it
works by a reactive increase in oxygen in the area the gas is injected, improving the look of the
skin and reducing dark circles or scarring. Some studies show that it helps increase collagen in the
skin, making the face look more youthful, and that results can last up to six months.
You need at least four to six treatments for Carboxy to work on under eye circles, and more for
treatment on stretch marks and scarring.


LIGHT EYES ULTRA™ is an innovative revitalizing cocktail containing Ruscus, Vitamin C,
antioxidants and Hexapeptides (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8), able to improve microcirculation, elasticity
and periocular drainage.
– Hyaluronic Acid: one of the fundamental components of the connective tissue which enables the
skin to maintain its form.
– Ruscus Blueberry: an excellent phlebotonic, increasing the venous tone and reducing the
excessive permeability of capillaries.

– Rosemarylight eyes: an antioxidant rich in phytolipids, useful for cutaneous repair.
– Chamomile Extract: anti-inflammatory and soothing action.
– Fermented Papaya: reduces oxidation thanks to its elevated carotenoid content and slows down
the process of aging caused by free radicals.
– Vitamin C: assists in the formation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and of intracellular substances. It
protects against the production of free radicals and strengthens cutaneous tissues, increasing the
ability of protection against UVB.
– Hexapeptides: reduces the depth of facial wrinkles caused by the contraction of facial muscles,
especially around the eye contour and prevents skin aging induced by repeated facial movements.
– Superoxide Dismutase: extracted from melon seeds, SOD works as an antioxidant and protects
the immune system. The SOD enzyme is found in all living organisms. Its role is to protect cells
from oxidation.

The number of treatments needed varies, but we recommend having 3 to 5 sessions, 2 - 4 weeks
apart. Results will start to appear starting from the first session.


Laser resurfacing and chemical peel may be used to help reduce dark circles by increasing
collagen production, decreasing pigmentation problems, and improving overall skin quality.
However, laser treatments and chemical peels are most effective when used as part of a
combination approach in treating dark circles.


Injectable fillers containing hyaluronic acid are often used to correct dark circles created by
thinning under eye skin or fat and tissue loss in the under eyes or upper cheeks.